at the tender age of 2 i told someone to "go away and never come back for the rest of my life"

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It’s 56 degrees and climbing here in Middletown. Several Wesleyan students enjoyed lunch outdoors for the first time this spring, April 3. 

hahhahaha its me!

i look like a fool though oh well

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i just saw the scariest japanese horror movie there was this part where this man had his fingers chopped off and his tongue chopped off and lived with this creepy girl and she would vomit into a dog dish and feed it to him and then he was like, ‘YUMMY” 

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the same person who played lilo in lilo in stitch was also the scary girl from the ring///////?????

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Today I went to the dentist and motherfucker got too wily with the damn electric toothbrush and managed to spray the toothpaste in my stupid eye.

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in canada and i choose to spend my evening watching littlexloves’ 25 minute Day in the Life video and drinking 10$ wine